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Whom We Serve

We serve individuals and families of all backgrounds, providing customized guidance for each unique life journey. Through our services we offer support at every life stage. The following hypothetical client examples show how we cater to differing goals and situations.

Susan (70) a retired successful entrepreneur, sold her business a few years ago. Family members include her husband Tom (73), two adult children and three grandchildren. Susan and Tom want to leave a legacy, plan on gifting to their heirs and strengthen their philanthropic efforts. Our team has many years of collective experience in helping clients like Susan to:

  • Invest the business sales proceeds to align with Susan and her husband’s risk profile, time horizon and goals.
  • Identify income sources and provide plenty of income to fund their retirement goals.
  • Manage inter-generational planning (estate planning), gifting, and work with their lawyers to set up a charitable remainder trusts as needed.
  • Develop and execute a distribution strategy for Susan’s IRAs.
  • Offer our 100% support through different life events.
  • Educate Susan and Tom through our working relationship to help both parties build financial confidence and understanding.
  • Educate successive generations to increase their financial literacy and prudent management of inherited assets. With Baird’s Business Owner Solution team, we can help seasoned business owners identify the most desirable buyers, and cash out your business.

Scott, (58) manages a non-profit organization. He is thinking of retiring in a couple of years and wants to make sure he has positive answers to questions such as “Can I afford to retire?,” “Will I run out of money?,” “How do I fund health care before I am eligible for Medicare?,” “How much can I spend on travel in retirement?.” He also holds life insurance and annuity policies, but does not have a good understanding of either one. We help our client with preparation for the big transition through:

  • Analyzing Scott’s current situation and his retirement goals beyond Medicare and Social Security
  • Helping Scott to think through decisions on matters such as benefits maximization, medical insurance options, Social Security, retirement accounts, and timing of retirement
  • Helping to anticipate and prepare for future challenges and opportunities throughout Scott’s retirement
  • Providing an insurance and annuity policy review
  • Developing a revised investment plan and restructuring existing accounts, as necessary, for before and after retirement
  • Helping to anticipate and prepare for future challenges and opportunities throughout Scott's retirement

Ruby and Aaron are busy professionals in their late 30s, married with 2 young kids. They are very diligent in accumulating wealth for housing and education funds. Between work, family, friends, and hobbies, they have very little time to educate themselves on investment, tax, insurance and estate matters. Time is their most limited resource. They both have accumulated several different 401k accounts, with multiple investment firms, which are left on auto-pilot. They would like some professional advice on how to focus their savings efforts, what their next steps should be, and what they might be missing. They’d also like to consider whether they can retire at 55, so they can fulfill their dream to travel more extensively. We start by clarifying Ruby and Aaron’s immediate and long-term goals, challenges and concerns, followed by offering our help to:

  • Consolidate their assets and create a coordinated financial plan: building a consolidated net worth statement and confirming their budget and savings - Budget – paying debts vs saving and maintaining their desired liquidity needs - Balancing college savings (529 plans) against retirement savings
  • Manage investments based on Ruby and Aaron’s risk profile and time horizon
  • Advise on employer equity compensation (stock options/ restricted stock plans)
  • Identify insurance needs and recommendations for execution of policies, as needed
  • Make sure everything is in order during any career transitions